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Pierre Sabak presents Oriana, who served for 25+ years as an official translator for high luminaries within the Tibetan & Bhutanese tradition, & is an expert in the Tibetan language & Sanskrit. Oriana has authored original translations of concealed Tibetan Scriptures & related liturgical texts, which total in excess of 400 in number. Two of which are publicly available on Amazon. Running away from home at the age of 13, Oriana has traveled extensively throughout the World. In her incredible search for the truth, she has been living as a nun in secluded retreats for over 10 years including having undergone a vow of silence for several years. In this presentation, Oriana discusses the inner secret meaning of the Tibetan Scriptures, that have remained concealed from the general public & are revealed for the first time! This Secret teaching relates to various deep, esoteric systems of going back to ‘the God Source’ or so called religious practices that are found within the hidden esoteric traditions dispersed across the globe. In this profound talk, Oriana discusses the Physics of ‘God’ & discusses how we can return back to source! This is a must see for anyone who is interested in the Physics of the Soul & the Nature of Existence. Her disclosure of the Secrets of the Tibetan masters possesses deep ramifications for humanity!

Oriana’s Description of Her Presentation:
This entire discussion is solely intended to a specific audience: those whose inner maturity, call for freedom, truth & full sovereignty for themselves & all others are strong enough to be able to handle this content at all, & even then, it might be a rough ride. Indeed, for those who cherish self-clinging, belief systems & individual comfort in superior quantity to the above, listening to this talk will be wastefully putting themselves in hardship & unpleasantness, which is precisely not the intention of the speaker.

THE LIVING ART OF ZERO-POINT MATHEMATICS, We are going to soar into the great debunking or Full Disclosure for All of:
666 & other numbers: 13, 17, 3, 6, 9 & more
The Svastika, the SS (Schwarze Sonne) & the All-seeing Eye
Adam & Eve, Humanity, & the rest
The Big Bang, the Black Hole, the Big Crunch, & Dark Matter
Sun & the Moon
The Brain
The Penis & the Vagina
The Soul (as being our ultimate absolution)
The myth of Inanimate Matter
The real meaning of the words: Mystery, Secret, Hidden & Dark
Deus Ex Machina/Apo Mekanes Theos: the true Nature of Machines
The Nazis & Nordics, the Vatican, the Church, & the Cross – Their proxies: Psychiatrists & all the others & why they fear above all Self-empowered people
Life & Death
Higher E.Ts, Higher Dimensional Beings, & even those of the Formless Dimension, which you don’t even know about
The Occult
To be or not to be?
Existence & Non-existence & by the same token Both & Neither
Spiritualists vs Materialists (Spirit vs Matter)
All Religions known to you in this world & all the others in the Cosmoverse too
Our Educational System, Medical System, Financial System, Commercial System & Government
The Tin-Foil Hat
The Alphabet
The Masters of the Universe
The Chicken and the Egg
The Temple of Delphi
Snow White, the Ice Queen & Sleeping Beauty (Little Mermaid & Princess and the Frog included) & not to mention the Mirror
The Cosmic Secret!
The Map & the Compass
Our Ocean & the Naval Terminology
The best kept Mysteries & Secret Wisdom- Teachings of Olde: Atlantis, Egypt, their Red Trail through the Occult, the Pythagoreans et al of the Yaqui Indians & the High Himalayas, til this very day (reaching 18000 years ago & much more)
Space & Time
The 5th Element and the 6th
The God-Particle, CERN & Military Intelligence
π, Phi, the Cubit & the Meter
The ancient Greek philosophers
Quantum Physics, Schrödinger’s cat, Einstein, Bohr, Tesla, Dirac et al
and even bring onto the table: the source-equation, itself
5G, Timewars, Parallel Universes

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