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About the Owner

Rod Stanley, Owner Health ANd Fitness Professional

During my service in the U.S. Marine Corps, I realized my passion for working out. After sustaining an injury, working out became an integral part of healing my body and mind. I wanted to help others feel the same success and started working through numerous courses and certifications to become a Master Trainer, I developed a knowledge base and a new appreciation for what it means to excel at training others.

Since that time, I have had the privilege to help more than 500 clients improve their quality of life by working toward their goals. There is nothing better than witnessing a person transform physically and mentally right before your eyes! 

Working hard is what I do and who I am, so I challenge myself to deliver results-oriented workouts to  every client. My personal journey through training myself  has taught  me how to tailor movement programs for any fitness level. I have the flexibility and experience to adjust your session on the fly, to ensure we have just the right movements for you.

Certifications and Career Highlights

  • NASM, ISSA, NCSF, APEX Certified Trainer
  • Academy of Holistic Fitness Mind Body Fitness for Personal Trainers
  • Dip. Comprehensive Nutrition Huntington College of Health Sciences
  • Bale/Doneen Method Prevention of Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Diabetes 
  • Metametrix Labs- Applying Laboratory Evaluations to Improve Clinical Outcomes 
  • NREMT- Emergency Medical Technician
  • Cenegenics in Partnership with Director of Nutrition and Exercise (2010-2013)
  • Youth Stars Basketball Trainer Salem, OR


Years of experience
in personal training


Custom workout programs


Pounds of muscle
gained in our portfolio

Fun Facts


Born and Raised in Dublin, GA. I met my wife of 23 years, Jamie, who has been with me since my fitness journey began. We have 1 child, Jarod, who is a sophomore and the most amazing child I know! I love you both! 

Cool Things I've done

1998 Joined the USMC and deployed on the USS Boxer


2008 Las Vegas Classic Novice Heavyweight and Novice Overall Champion 

2009 MuscleMania Heavyweight 1st Place

2010 Fame Body Proud, 5th Place

2012 Dr. Phil Show “Bring Me Back My Hot, Sexy Spouse

THings I like to do

I enjoy most anything active! Some of my favorites are: resistance training, yoga, biking, hiking and sports.  

I enjoy reading many genres of books such as health and fitness, self-help, motivational topics, meditation, metaphysics and  history.

Spending as much time with my wife and son as much as possible!

Success Story

Troy Oswalt

Prior to working with Rod, I had Type II diabetes, was severely overweight and had high blood pressure. After training with Rod, following his meal plans and understanding my connections to food, I lost 60 pounds, but gained my life back. I no longer have diabetes and the need for my medication.


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