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What are you putting in your body and mind?

You can’t outwork an unhealthy lifestyle…

  • What we eat affects our physical and mental health.
  • What we listen to affects our thoughts which, in turn, governs our actions.
  • What we rub on our skin gets into our bloodstream, which affects our health.
  • What we watch on TV seeks to influence what we buy, affects our mood, and affects our food choices.

Ritual Health and Fitness considers each of these factors when creating an all-encompassing health and fitness program to help you choose to look and feel your best! 

Fitness and Nutrition are symbiotic. You feel the difference when you eat a healthy meal that provides nourishment, compared to fast food or overindulgence. The same goes for skincare and entertainment decisions. 

We know you have what it takes to make better choices because you want to feel and live better. Working with us will help you make the transition to a healthier lifestyle, hold you accountable, and allow us to encourage you as you make forward steps toward your goals.



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Are you ready to take control of your health and fitness? Are you tired of fads and experiments and want a proven, results-driven method that keeps you motivated?

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Success Story

Colin Henderson

Rod is the reason I finally feel comfortable in my body. The meals that he helped me to prepare each day have made all the difference. 

What Our Dedicated Clients Say

"Finally I am able to enjoy running around with my grandkids and keep up with my wife! Rod got me my life back."

Dave Moody, 57


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