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"Whole-Life Integration: The Key to Enhanced Health and Vitality"



What are you putting in your body and mind?

“Integration” encompasses the merging of various elements into a unified whole. In health and wellness, it reflects how we synthesize sensory data, experiences, and substances into our overall health. It addresses how these factors collectively influence our physical, mental, and emotional states.

Our nutritional choices become part of us, shaping our body and mind.
The ideas we integrate by listening inform our mindset and actions.
Substances we integrate through our skin affect our bloodstream and health.
The media we integrate can alter our emotions, choices, and what we eat.

Ritual Health and Fitness incorporates these facets of integration into a comprehensive health and fitness plan, helping you make decisions that improve your health and appearance.

The synergy between fitness and nutrition is vital. Experience the difference when you integrate a nourishing meal versus the sluggishness from unhealthy foods. 

Working with us will give you the confidence in your ability to integrate healthier options, motivated by a desire for better health and a fulfilling life. We will support and guide you to a more integrated, healthy lifestyle, with support and encouragement as you move toward your goals.



RHF provides behavior-based nutrition programs aimed at helping the client eat in a way that is more aligned with their stated goals. RHF does not give specific diet plans aimed at treating any medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, sarcopenia, osteoporosis etc. RHF does not prescribe nutrition programs or diagnose any health conditions. 

We can teach clients about the importance of nutrients such as protein carbs and fats and how they may help them reach their goals. We also guide clients towards the appropriate fruits and vegetables to have in their diets. We provide direction around supplements, shopping, food prep, hydration tips, pre/post-workout meals—all based on science and reputable data from the American Heart Association and the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

RHF works with each client on their specific dietary needs and preferences. We try our best to coach you on your nutrition in a way that allows you to have as many of the foods you like and enjoy while continuously making progress towards your goal.

Through the years we have found many ways to achieve fitness goals in regards to quantifying what you eat. While some clients prefer calories or visual aids, others prefer counting macros and weighing and measuring their food. It’s our goal to find the method of choice for each client. The best program for each client is the one that they can stick to!

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Colin Henderson

Rod is the reason I finally feel comfortable in my body. The meals that he helped me to prepare each day have made all the difference. 

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"Finally I am able to enjoy running around with my grandkids and keep up with my wife! Rod got me my life back."


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