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  1. Exercise ball- Is a great core strengthening tool. Having a strong core is the foundation for having a strong body and decreasing your risk of injuries.
  2. Exercise Bands- simple to use, convenient and very effective way to develop strength throughout the entire body. They are really a great tool to have if you travel a lot or if you want to do some working out at the office.  
  3. Medicine Balls- Med balls are great for developing core strength by allowing more functional movements. They can also help develop power by tossing them to a partner or on a wall. 
  4. Kettlebells- Though they have been around for years, kettle bells is  a new buzzword in the fitness industry. Kettlebells do it all from functional training, core strength, power development, and cardio conditioning. 
  5. Jump rope- Jumping rope does it all as far as conditioning.  It can be done just about anywhere – alone or in a group – and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle. Develops stamina and power in the lower body and is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. 

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