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Author: Rod Stanley

5 must haves for your home gym!

Exercise ball- Is a great core strengthening tool. Having a strong core is the foundation for having a strong body and decreasing your risk of injuries. Exercise Bands- simple to

Stand strong in the face of adversity!

 You arrive at work today knowing it’s your best friend’s birthday. Like so many times before, you’ve anticipated the smorgasbord of items that will be calling your name in the

Backward Fitness?

Backward Fitness   As you can imagine, I hear a ton of excuses from people on why they don’t exercise.  Sometimes the reason is self-inflicted: I don’t have the time. Other

Ritual Health Portion Guide

Remember, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Your goal is to eat a healthy portion, not to clean up the plate. It’s better to waste some food

Understanding Carbohydrates

We really need to put the carbohydrate war to rest once in for all. I am going to show through several indexes which carbs you should eat and the types

Nutrition tips for your vacation!

We are well into the full swing of summer and if you are like many, you’re looking back at January and thinking to yourself “had I stayed with my new

What can be done naturally for high cholesterol?

Many Americans and people throughout the world suffer from high cholesterol. There is a solution to this deadly problem. But, oftentimes, people are prescribed medication without any dietary coaching, or

How to handle your food cravings!

How to Handle Food Cravings  Know your triggers. Recognize which situations (monthly period, vacation time, stressful meetings, etc.) trigger your cravings. Then, you can successfully plan what to do about

Interval Training Explained

Interval Training This form of training is for individuals who are serious about dropping body fat and improving the functional output of their cardiovascular system. It is not advised for

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