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Category: Workout Techniques

5 must haves for your home gym!

Exercise ball- Is a great core strengthening tool. Having a strong core is the foundation for having a strong body and decreasing your risk of injuries. Exercise Bands- simple to

Interval Training Explained

Interval Training This form of training is for individuals who are serious about dropping body fat and improving the functional output of their cardiovascular system. It is not advised for

Understanding Heart Rate Zones

Typical training heart rate zones: Warm up or healthy heart zone- 50%-60% of your max heart rate. This is a good zone for someone who is out of shape or

Be a successful (weight) loser! 

In addition to the other tips I’ve provided on the website, here’s another one to help you become a more successful loser. Amid all of the weight-loss tips and tricks

Easy ways to improve balance!

Tips to Improving Balance Balance training is an often overlooked modality, but it should be an integral part of your Age Management Program. Improved balance and agility are important in

Watchout for those “Bad Exercises.”

I  was recently asked a question by a client of mine who had come across an article written by a fitness expert talking about “7 horrible exercises”.  The article did

4 Simple rules to Jump start your Program 

Rule One: Meal Frequency Meal Frequency is the foundation for any health and fitness program. If you overlook this rule, you dramatically minimize the effectiveness of your program, ultimately making

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