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Most fitness professionals have a philosophy of what “clean eating” is to them and this topic has always created much debate. When it comes to eating in a way that uplifts the body, mind and soul, the picture becomes a little clearer on what foods should be considered in your version of eating clean. At RHF our core nutritional concepts are focused on nourishing the body, mind  and spirit.  Keeping that in mind, we often talk about assimilation as a means of consuming energies that generate more energy and help to sustain life at its most optimal levels.  To create more energy within the body one must look at all things they assimilate and nutrition is only one component of this. Shifting the way you eat to a higher conscious perspective is an individual endeavor and requires some self-discovery, self-forgiveness and self love in order to be free from the confines of dogmatic nutritional principles.
 The body is a temple for our soul and we should allow our bodies the opportunity to assimilate foods fit for a king or queen!  It’s my intention to create nutritional approaches aimed at healing all bodies; helping the physical body feel good, while remaining in a state of ease. (absence of disease). So our nutrition approach, is about introducing foods that allow your body’s energies to naturally flow along. Personally, I have been guilty of “nutrition by the numbers”, or should I say dogmatic nutritional philosophies. As a bodybuilder, I only sought to eat foods that would help me gain muscle or lose fat. And, with this method, I was successful with both. As a vegan, my initial intent was to gain a higher level of consciousness and gain a closer connection with nature. And, while I was successful at that, neither of those lifestyles were sustainable long term for me. So, I am here today, with a new, more balanced philosophy that takes on a gentler approach. An approach that creates a state of ease and energetic balance as the core concept. As I find my self becoming more at ease with my personal nutrition practice, I allow my body to be the guide, and not the current trends.
It is my goal, and the reason behind the name, RITUAL HEALTH and FITNESS, to help all of my clients create a new relationship with food that leaves the body, mind and soul feeling more energetic, better nourished and an all around quality of life so that you can thrive in ways you never thought possible. With this new mindset, and listening to your body, you will find that eating from a higher level of consciousnesses, your body will be nourished on all levels.
 If you’ve ever eaten something and felt your body push back immediately afterwards, that was your body’s way of communicating to you that it didn’t like it! You don’t need a professional to tell you that you can no longer eat that way, your body will take care of all of that for you! It’s time to move away from the trendy diets and start listening to the foods our bodies like and respond well to! Here are a few of RHF basic nutritional concepts to help you along your path to clean eating!
  1. Eat as many one ingredient foods in their most natural state as possible(apple, turnip, banana, seeds etc)
  2. Drink mostly water when ever you are thirsty from great sources. Try to avoid extremely cold drinks and consumption of a large volumes of liquid during your meals.
  3. Eat more seasonal foods
  4. Eat to be satisfied; not full
  5. Eat early enough not to have food in your stomach during sleep
  6. Eat the rainbow! Get as many colors in your diet as possible. The colors of foods can often give a clue to their function. Red for heart, white for immunity, yellow for skin, green for cleansing, orange for inflammation, purple for antioxidants.
  7. Snack on seeds and nuts
  8. Chew slowly and enjoy the moment ( Get as close to 30 chews as possible before swallowing)
  9. Listen to your body it often needs certain foods based upon circumstances in your life.  Certain cravings can be triggered by emotions and may be a clue to something your body may need. (1)
  10. Make eating fun! Try new things add some variety into your diet. Make healthy foods that taste good.

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