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Category: Nutrition

Ritual Health Portion Guide

Remember, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Your goal is to eat a healthy portion, not to clean up the plate. It’s better to waste some food

Understanding Carbohydrates

We really need to put the carbohydrate war to rest once in for all. I am going to show through several indexes which carbs you should eat and the types

Nutrition tips for your vacation!

We are well into the full swing of summer and if you are like many, you’re looking back at January and thinking to yourself “had I stayed with my new

What can be done naturally for high cholesterol?

Many Americans and people throughout the world suffer from high cholesterol. There is a solution to this deadly problem. But, oftentimes, people are prescribed medication without any dietary coaching, or

How to handle your food cravings!

How to Handle Food Cravings  Are you tired of the endless cycle of cravings dictating your food choices? Do you find yourself reaching for snacks when you’re not truly hungry,

5 common fitness myths

These days you can’t go anywhere without hearing about a new weight loss breakthrough. A pill, a cream, or a new fad diet – you name it and it’s going

Be a successful (weight) loser! 

In addition to the other tips I’ve provided on the website, here’s another one to help you become a more successful loser. Amid all of the weight-loss tips and tricks

Heartburn Natural Remedies

Heartburn Natural Remedies Your stomach has acid to help digest your food. Your stomach acid is very strong – the same acidity as battery acid. While the stomach can handle

Natural Kidney Stone Remedies

Natural Kidney Stone Remedies Kidney stones are hard mineral deposits which may get stuck or pass with pain from the kidneys or one of the ureters. Many people don’t know

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