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We are well into the full swing of summer and if you are like many, you’re looking back at January and thinking to yourself “had I stayed with my new year’s resolution, I would already be at my goal.” Unfortunately, that’s true for most. Why is it that SO many people fail after just a few weeks of a healthy living plan? It’s important to know that everyone fails at some point but achieving success will rely upon how quickly you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward. Will that cheeseburger set you back? Absolutely! But, does that mean nix the diet altogether? NO! 

Since we’re on the topic of summer, let’s talk about trying to stay on a diet while you are on vacation. Let’s be honest. You can fall off the diet wagon at any time and staying the course while vacationing, seems almost impossible. It’s okay to have a splurge on vacation, without the feeling like once you veer off track; the diet must be tossed out the window! I know it’s much easier to quit and give in to the short term pleasures, or else everyone would be living that healthy lifestyle that they dream of every January! Here are some tips to stick with your diet while you are on vacation. 


  • Resist the urge to drink soda. Always have a bottle of water or sugar free drink ON HAND. 
  • Avoid high sugar/empty calorie snacks. Pack snacks that you can munch on while on a long drive or flight. Save the good eats for a nice vacation meal. (bars, nuts, fresh fruit)
  • Avoid huge restaurant portions. Share an entrée with a friend or family member. 
  • Order a salad with fresh vegetables and ask for the dressing on the side! (watch out for things like croutons, bacon, eggs, cheese and other additions which ruin an otherwise healthy meal)
  • If you must indulge.  Take only a few bites of that dessert and have the waiter take it away, or insist on sharing with someone. 


Last, but not least, make your diet realistic and one you can stick to for the long haul. Create life changes that your family can enjoy too! If you are one of those people who are cooking several meals each night because you are on a special diet, and no one wants to eat your “diet food” I suggest you get the whole family involved in eating better. This will increase the likelihood you yourself won’t stray from your healthy eating habits. If you begin to create healthy habits at the dinner table this will also help by creating a more supportive environment. It will also make you feel less confined to a diet! Remember all this food that is keeping your goal out if reach will be around when you’ve met your goal! If you are suffering the temporary defeat of having not made your New Year’s resolution before summertime, don’t quit now. Recommit to living healthy, after all it’s never too late to turn it all around.

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