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 You arrive at work today knowing it’s your best friend’s birthday. Like so many times before, you’ve anticipated the smorgasbord of items that will be calling your name in the break room.  In your mind, you know you’re committed to your new lifestyle that consists of eating only healthy foods and getting the right amounts of exercise. You’ve already had the conversation in your mind so many times: I’m serious this time, and I’m going to follow through until I’ve reached my goal. It’s now lunch time, and you reluctantly make your way to the break room and as the festivities begin,  your mouth begins to salivate as if you were being coerced by Pavlov himself. Take a look around the room. Look at how your “unhealthy” co-workers scarf down foods like it’s their last meal. That’s probably why they look the way they do. They didn’t coin the phrase “you are what you eat” for nothing.  The question is: will you give in like you have all the other times? Or, will today be the day you take a stand for your health?  It’s days like this that challenge us all. It’s days like this when we try to negotiate another hour of cardio for that slice of cake, or the negotiation of starting fresh AFTER the party. Each time you stand strong, it gets easier.  With every small victory, the pride of success propels you to more victories until you finally win the war. After all, it’s just food, right? It’s not like it’s not going to be there in 3 months or 6 months. Everyone has to start somewhere, sometime. Why not now? Every time you win, the voice inside says you can win, you can beat this. Roll your shoulders back, stand tall and take pride in the fact you opted for the healthier choice.  While the sheep who opted for the unhealthy items will try to tempt you and try to convince you that it’s “just a piece of cake”, take a look at the bigger picture and think about each time you’ve heard that over the course of your life. It’s just “a piece” that opens the floodgates to a bigger problem.

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