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Author: Rod Stanley

Sleep Apnea Natural Remedies

Sleep Apnea Natural Remedies Sleep Apnea is where breathing stops for short periods during the night, which may terrify a significant other. With sleep apnea there is a lack of

The War on Health The film War on Health, explores the position of the FDA and it’s role in the current medical paradigm, the current health crisis, and looks at possibilities for a

What I learned from water!

Finally, we got a break from the 5 days straight of torrential downpour in Oregon.  I thought to myself,  its a great day to go for  a bike ride. Because

Consider this for eating a clean diet!

Most fitness professionals have a philosophy of what “clean eating” is to them and this topic has always created much debate. When it comes to eating in a way that

How healthy is your Self-Relationship?

Almost any endeavor or engagement that we have with someone or something can be considered a relationship! This makes perfect sense when we think of spouses or significant others, children,

 If Only I Had The Time… 

“I don’t have time”’ is the reason that most people don’t exercise.Well, they call it a ‘reason’ I like to call it what it really is -an excuse. Most people

Seaweed…Does a heart good!

    Many people find the idea of adding seaweed to their SAD (standard american diet) repulsive!.  You may be surpeised to find out, the benefits of seaweed have been

Just a New Year or a New You?

  Now that the Christmas cookies have been replaced with diet bars and the New Year’s toasts have been replaced with wishes and regrets, many people will be scouting the

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