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These days you can’t go anywhere without hearing about a new weight loss breakthrough. A pill, a cream, or a new fad diet – you name it and it’s going to solve all of your weight loss problems in 30 days or less. Or not.

The truth is that most of the things you hear about weight loss are hype. Plain and simple.

Here are the top 5 myths about weight loss:

Myth #1: You can spot reduce fat from specific areas of your body

This myth is as old as the hills, yet it persists. It must be that the thought of melting fat from any desired part of the body is so appealing, however untrue it may be.

In reality your body will lose weight wherever it wants to. It’s safe to assume that you’ll lose fat ‘last place on, first place off’. So if you put on weight first in your thighs and then on your waist, then expect it to come off your waist first and then your thighs.

Myth #2: You have to count calories for weight loss

There are so many fad diets out there painting the picture that weight loss is a complicated process. You have to eat certain foods at certain times and avoid other foods at all costs. Of course, all of these popular diets conflict over which foods you should or shouldn’t eat.

The truth is,  you don’t have to make weight loss such a science! Simply eat healthy, fresh unprocessed foods in smaller amounts.

No brain science there, just results.

Myth #3: You will bulk up with resistance training

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women tell me they won’t do resistance training because of fear they’ll “bulk up”. Each time I have to hide my smile.

You see, the process of bulking your muscles takes a lot of hard work. You have to consume high amounts of protein and consistently tax your muscles to fatigue. Not to mention, you need the male hormone, testosterone coursing through your body. In short, there is no way to accidentally bulk up.

Myth #4: You can get a six pack from crunches

Just focusing on crunches will not make your midsection chiseled. Hey, ab crunches are great, and you should do them, but don’t rely on them to get into great shape.

A trim midsection will only come as a result of proper nutrition, effective cardio and consistent resistance training.

Myth #5: Cardio is the most important exercise for fat loss

Most people think of cardiovascular activities when they think of working out. Going for a run, riding a stationary bike or taking an aerobics class. Well, times have changed and so should your workout.

The benefits of resistance training now trump straight cardiovascular training. Resistance training strengthens your heart while toning muscles and increasing bone density.

Cardio workouts are not completely a thing of the past, and should fit into your overall plan for health and wellness. The benefits of resistance training, especially in fat loss, are astounding.

Do you have other weight loss beliefs that simply aren’t delivering results? Call or email me today and I’ll help you bust the myths, discover the truth, and create a fitness and fat loss program that will give you the body that you deserve.

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