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I woke up this morning and it was time for a little reading and meditation. I picked up one of my favorite books for spiritual guidance, The Bhagavad Gita, written by Paramahansa Yogananda and began reading a passage regarding human desires and how to transmute energy for spiritual enlightenment.  In this passage, found on page 34,  the author gives very sensible advice  regarding making sure your body is healthy enough so that you can be fit enough to carry out your life’s purpose. The advice was simple yet powerful enough to change your life:

Things to do:

  1. Eat mostly fruit and vegetables (Duh, right)
  2. Grains
  3. Milk and Dairy products
  4. Exercise
  5. Fresh Air and Sunshine
  6. Self Control of the senses (especially sex)
  7. Relaxation techniques (meditation, reading, music, etc.)
  8. Exercises that energize the body ( non-strenuous and offer life giving-prana and recharge the body)

Things to avoid which can destroy body’s natural immunity:

  1. Overeating and wrong eating
  2. Lack of Sun
  3. Uncleanliness
  4. Habitual worry and stress
  5. Ungoverned emotions

Practice deep breathing exercises to increase prana, get some sunlight daily, and physical exercise.  I was blown away at the simplicity of this advice and how it can be applied today. As I read this passage, I was  reminded of a quote. I heard some time ago which speaks to how In our modernized society our priorities of health and wealth have been placed out of order in our minds. 

Joseph Prince, a pastor with New Creation Church in Singapore, stated “Don’t use all your health to chase after wealth, only to spend all your wealth later to get back your health.” Joseph Prince.

In our mainstream music it’s “get that money, Benz, diamonds, or Rolex” in every verse.

Our children spend countless amounts of time on technology,  where materialism is again, front and center. 

In the classroom, our children are taught to memorize facts about WW2, the Renaissance and interpret Romeo and Juliet. But, there’s no curriculum for promoting healthy living such as taking care of your liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Not to mention, coping strategies that have become common practice for me as an adult such as “How to breathe properly to uptake more life force energy, and keeping the flow of energy/chi and circulating within the body.

Imagine if this was taught in our mis-education system at an early age. We would have children who grow up to be reliant on themselves and natural practices to better their health.

In our society, we have been heavily conditioned by marketing and have generations that look to our Western Medical system as a “health system”. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In my experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, and as someone who has also worked in a Concierge Medicine practice, I have been able to compare the treatments for various disease states. Today’s Western Allopathic system we have gotten great at trauma…We are the best in the world at treating patients who are deathly ill or in a traumatic accident, but, fail miserably with general health practices and have more of a “disease/sickness management system” rather than one that seeks to return a patient back to their natural state of being “dis-ease free.” 

During my time with a concierge medicine practice,  the goal was different. It was to create the absence of the disease so here we looked at the root cause  of disease and did what insurance and pharmaceutical companies hate most……aimed to predict and prevent disease from ever occurring. Ask yourself, when was the last time your general practitioner told you how you got sick, put you on a course to get to the root cause of your issue and then went on to create a program to prevent future disease from occurring? Probably never in most cases. Obviously, there are those in the Western medical system who want to create better health but the problem is not individual doctors but the system itself is for profit. So, we mostly end up slugging our way through life, stressed to get the latest material item, stressed about making more money to buy this or that, and in most cases end up sick and not feeling well as we age and maybe end up in a nursing home because we did not have the proper education on how to create natural health. This mis education or lack thereof is what keeps the sick care system going!

This is a huge conflict of interest.

Where is true health to be found? It begins with the concept that nature equipped us with a body that has an intelligence that can maintain health…we just simply have to learn more about how our bodies work to discover this! From a state of true health and well-being one can build wealth early in life but also maintain it to live a life that is more pain and disease free than thought possible. Sickness is not an inevitability that is only the fate of the misguided. LEts begin education ourselves on how the boy works to create optimal children and adults in the future

By learning to use our mind, bodies and spirit, to create health.   Which do you think is  a more relevant subject matter for our children to learn: Learning about WWII facts or simply how their liver works and how to take care of it?  We get taught early about so many subjects that have negligible use. Health and how to naturally obtain it is arguably the most important subject one could study…..unfortunately, most don’t learn this until we are spending the wealth we obtained to the detriment of our bodies to live a mostly miserable life due to poor health as we age. 

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